Prosterbe 30 pearls of ESI

Prosterbe 30 pearls of ESI

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Prosterbe, supports the health and well-being of the prostate by improving prostate disorders, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis.

Indicated when the man exceeds 50 years to maintain the physiological well-being of the prostate gland, avoiding its inflammation (prostatitis).

Prosterbe prevents abnormal growth of the prostate, minimizes inflammation of the prostate and alleviates the associated symptoms.

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Size / Format Box of 30 pearls of 1450 mg., In blister.
Ingredients EPILOBIO, sumidad florida e.s tit. 2% flavonoids such as hyperoside / SAW PALMETTO, fruit e.s tit. 28% fatty acids / CRANBERRY, fruit e.s tit. 40% proanthocyanidins.
Directions 1 pearl per day with plenty of water, preferably in the food.
Suitable for vegans: Si
Company: ESI

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